girl: spank me daddy

me: I am not ready to be a father

i felt really weak and strange so i made myself a grilled cheese thinking it’s because i haven’t had time to eat a lot today

20 minutes later and i still feel kind of weak and strange, like less so but it’s still bugging me out, usually if i eat less than normal i turn into an unstoppable food vacuum 

*obnoxious wolf whistle*

Looks at Simon and Kieren and smiles because size difference

And I don’t mean height difference I really mean mass difference

Heart eyes

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 - when a motherfucker touches you

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The footage of former Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée in the face started a much-needed conversation about domestic violence. This comedian took a completely different approach with a “Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial” that could’ve gone so incredibly wrong but instead gets it so so right.

i’m having a weird day on one hand i’ve been having a good day, classes were good and people complimented me on my grid drawing/animation and i spoke to a few of my old professors to catch up and we had good talks

on the other hand i didn’t get enough sleep and haven’t been eating too well so i feel kind of cloudy in the head and sick and every time a notification on that post pops up i’m reminded of all my old failures and the fact that 500 people think i’m a terrible person