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The footage of former Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée in the face started a much-needed conversation about domestic violence. This comedian took a completely different approach with a “Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial” that could’ve gone so incredibly wrong but instead gets it so so right.

i’m having a weird day on one hand i’ve been having a good day, classes were good and people complimented me on my grid drawing/animation and i spoke to a few of my old professors to catch up and we had good talks

on the other hand i didn’t get enough sleep and haven’t been eating too well so i feel kind of cloudy in the head and sick and every time a notification on that post pops up i’m reminded of all my old failures and the fact that 500 people think i’m a terrible person


A poetic and artful umbrella, Komorebi is based on a Japanese expression that approximately translates to “sunshine filtering through foliage.”


"Me, Rupe and Emma and some of the other kids have developed really strong bonds." ⏤ Daniel Radcliffe
We all get on very, very well.” ⏤ Emma Watson
wait im so curious what was the post that would get you on YFIP

The post was right after they finished s1 and released the photo of Hugh/will behind bars in the flower crown. When I saw it I made an off-the-cuff joke about how he was fortunate to be in solitary because in any sort of communal prison someone would have called him for their prison wife in like 2 seconds

It offended somebody enough that they commented something like “yeah rape jokes are really funny haha Amorites ” and since we’re on tumblr it started taking off in reblogs after that and it eventually had like 500 and I felt terrible and I thought i deleted it but apparently not

Like it definitely wasn’t in the best taste, I didn’t mean it like he was going to get assaulted but i didn’t think it through like that and that’s how it came off, and I accept responsibility for that.

I’m a lot more conscientious now 1.5 years later and of course I wish the person had just messaged me and explained why it offended them rather than calling it out in public, but it wasn’t really a big deal and it’s not like they had an obligation to message me personally or anything. I learned not to and I worry a lot more about what I post now

Sorry I’m on mobile I wish I could tag long post or read more




oh wow i forgot about this!

for ‘piglet’ on sketch_dailies/twitter, from a few months ago