people spend too much time on strong female character and nowhere near enough on strong character, female 


Harry looked at Prince with questions in his eyes, “why? Why has any if this happened?”

Prince giggled.

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Request: Goofy sings BRING ME TO LIFE


Anonymous asked:

I know you get asked to do Goofy too much, but a cover of Bring Me to Life would be hilarious <3

Let me transport you to a simpler time, where you’re putting the final touches on your Inuyasha AMV in Windows Movie Maker.

Welcome back to 2003.

My inner 12 yr is cryin rn.

I love these new "type these words into your tags box and post the first tag that automatically pops up" thingies, so fun. Let’s do another one:

  • can’t
  • don’t
  • first
  • help
  • please
  • one
  • my
  • will
  • stop
  • get
  • honestly
  • I’m
The 1975 - Settle Down

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For crying out loud, settle down
You know I can’t be found with you….

my professor is asking for a 4 page draft for writing tomorrow and he assigned us this task just yesterday and im like

this wouldn’t be a huge problem except i have fuckin homework for my other classes too oh my god i have three other classes tomorrow your class is not the only one


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