This week I finally declare my love for nbchannibal​ try to make sense of Hannibal, the serious show, and the Fannibals, it’s very silly fandom. Instead, I get lost in a haze of puppies. 

But seriously, the Fannibals are some of my favorite fans. They were the first ones to respond to my request for more fandom blogs to follow and now my dash is mostly Hannibal. And I’m a little afraid. 

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Tumblr or Yahoo Inc. - just a fan who spends too much time on the aforementioned website. I also make no claim to “Hannibal” or any of it’s related media. I sincerely do not want to be made into dinner. 

(Video also contains bonus karaoke this week. You’ll see)

i’m such a hot, sweaty mess rn

it’s about a 17 block walk from the building that houses all my classes to the building where i live

i could take the school shuttle but that’s really only convenient on the way downtown to class, when it goes back uptown it makes a huge loop that takes at least as long as the walk and much less nice to look at

and it’s so unbelievably humid right now. i’m praying for colder weather, but i’ll probably regret saying this by november when i’m walking through a wind tunnel

The Shins - Simple Song

  • Tune:Simple Song
  • Artist: The Shins
  • Album: Port of Morrow
  • 3,695 plays

Simple Song | The Shins

Well this is just a simple song
To say what you done
I told you about all those fears
And away they did run

zodiacs w/ sex


aries- gay
taurus - likes anal
gemini - bdsm freak
cancer - vanilla as fuck
leo - dominant
virgo - practicing abstinence
libra - probably a furry
scorpio - S&M by Rihanna
Sagittarius - will try anything
Capricorn - freaky ass bitch
Aquarius - Skeptical but still a slut
Pisces - horny and dtf w/ anyone


A cover idea that didn’t get finished. This marks the offical end of my summer.

First class in 9 hours — My last year of college is finally here!

What did you just do to me?

I accessed the brightest corner of your memory system. It’s a very beautiful memory, Erik. Thank you.


Ravenstag and Will.

Yep, that’s pretty much it.


For some reason a bird speaking Japanese is mildly off putting.

> Literal translation

Bird:” ‘Uhm Hello, this is the Ono family.”

Bird: “What’s wrong?”

Owner: “Abe-chan, you’re a little too early. Once the phone’s picked up, then properly say hello.”

Bird: “Okay, understood.”

Owner: “Do you really understand? I’m counting on you. Hello, this is the Ono family residence in Gifu.”]

Bird: “Okay, I understand!”

Owner: “Got it.”

> That’s clearly some sort of Pokemon.