that passage in mrs.dalloway where clarissa is reminiscing on the feelings she had for that one girl when she was younger fucks me up so hard

especially that part where she’s thinking about the time they went for a walk and the girl gave her this little peck and she was so overwhelmed and then the guy came in and sort of ended the moment and that was that

when i read that it was like taking a punch, it reminded me so vividly of things that i felt that i was like she’d been reading my mind, which doesn’t really ever happen to me when i’m reading and i’m just

i don’t know why i’m thinking of that now, i was just driving around today and i was thinking how i wanted to paint but i wasn’t sure what i wanted to paint

it’s such a beautiful picture it would be a lovely thing to paint sometime



Real Women Read Real Messages from Grindr, SCRUFF, and GROWLr”

I seriously watched this about six times before reblogging.

mariel just came up behind me while i was surfing the internet on my floor, and threw a pillow onto the backs of my legs

i had no idea what the hell it was and it freaked me out like my heart jumped and as i wheeled around i involuntarily made what was literally the “yee” noise from that fucking benedict cumberbatch dinosaur

i still feel like im having a heart attack and shes just laughing so hard at me wha ty yh e fuclk

i feel like i made some personal growth progress today in multiple ways

i answered emails the second i got them

i talked to my mom about what i want to do in school and i feel like i have some clarity

i told someone when i didn’t like something they did and accepted the fact that it didn’t make them hate me


j ammy dodgers

k eane

l ife of pi (book and film)

m agic realism

n ara, yoshitomo 

o rder of the phoenix (book)

p umpkin pie

ok is When Marnie was There ever going to be released in America?

or is there any chance of me finding a subbed version of it online or on a dvd at any point in the future?

i watched the trailer and i felt so many things it felt so relevant to me and i would really like to see it more than i’d like anything, preferably legally but i would take anything yeah

suddenly feels strong need to re-read all of fruits basket



Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you 1 thing I love which starts with that letter.


Benedict Cumberbatch Ice Bucket Challenge (X)