wait- what sort of stuff have been going on with sherlock/fargo fandoms? i haven't really noticed anything (besides that person's condescending anon reply you mentioned)

The Sherlock fandom seems to be having all sorts of trouble recently. I’ve unfollowed a lot of people recently and so i’m definitely not on top of everything, but I’m seeing that people have been drawing a lot of divides among johnlock shippers, mostly in regards to whether they like Mary or not, which is just completely unnecessary, not to mention kind of childish. It doesn’t matter if you like Mary or not, but the idea that people are okay with “johnlock” becoming synonymous with “hates Mary” and are actively condoning fandom separation based on this one issue just strikes me as completely infantile.  

The way I see it, you don’t have to interact with people who have opinions that are going to make you angry if you don’t want to, but can’t you simply avoid each other and not go to all the bother of designating camps? It’s like the fucking Sneetches up in here, with star-bellied johnlockers and plain-bellied johnlockers. (I hope that analogy is as universal as I think… If it’s unfamiliar, google Dr.Seuss.)

(This next bit is going to include a major Fargo 1x01 spoiler)

The other main thing that I’ve been seeing people getting super volatile over (and this is the bit that involves said condescending anon reply), is the Fargo drama. So, a lot of Sherlock fans are watching Fargo. No surprise, Martin Freeman’s in it. There’s a scene in Fargo where Martin’s character, Lester, beats his wife to death with a hammer. It’s as brutal as it sounds, it’s absolutely meant to be shocking and horrifying. Now, some people in the Sherlock fandom made two edits, one involving alternating gifs from the hammer scene and from Benedict’s project Little Favour, of Ben’s character all bloodied up. The other has Mary pasted over Lester’s wife in a gif of the hammer scene, it’s implied that John conks her for threatening to kill Sherlock. Both of the gifs were in extremely questionable taste. There’s been a lot of upset over them, because that’s what we do best in the Sherlock fandom. 

I’m not here to debate about the taste of the gifs (though I think it’s pretty poor, though the Sherlock one is a bit more ambiguous and can perhaps be interpreted as some bizarre/dark sexual game), but I’m really disappointed in the way a few pretty popular sherlock bloggers have been reacting to criticism of them, yelling hypocrisy at people who were mad about the Mary one in particular and the like. People have tried to bring up the real issue of domestic violence against women in the media and how it’s a touchy subject, and they’ve been treated with disgusting condescencion and contempt, and I’ve unfollowed two people and am prepared to go for three.

To the best of my knowledge, that’s the sort of stuff that’s been going on here today, though I don’t know 100% of the story, by any means. I just plan on enjoying my shows, drawing some Fargo fanart and keeping my dash as clean as possible. 

Ok literally fuck what’s going on between Sherlock and Fargo rn and fuck everything going on with the Sherlock fandom in general

Also d*deufugly’s last anon, I’m just sorry, that response was so fucking condescending and those tags too were just so overwhelmingly off-topic and full of /big important words/


Photographer Translates His Nightmares Into Surreal, Haunting Photographs

by 19-year-old photographer Nicolas Bruno

I’m seeing so many great otp/brotp tags on that Fred^2 art I’m crying

"Veggie Freddies"
“Asshole besties”
“The Freds”

I can’t remember most of them but I keep striking gold in the tags

There’s a group of five or six guys at the next table over in the dining hall discussing anglerfish reproduction and I swear this is the funniest shit I’ve ever heard.

One is reading off a Wikipedia article or something:

"And the dude is attracted to the light on the girl one and he swims up under we and bites her, and he dissolves until he’s just a set of balls!"

And the other ones are like “WOAHHH” “WHAT THE FUCK?” “DUDE!”

"And she can have more than one!! She can have like EIGHT sets of balls!!!"


"That’s so scary"

"What the hell is wrong with fish?"

im a color blocking test on that fred^2 doodle i drew earlier and i’m literally just using my tablet pen as a mic and lip synching to we built this city

my roommate is right in the room with me i dont even give a single fuck




New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6

holy sheet





Or, as King Henry VIII likes to call it, a productive evening.