I am doing much worse than I thought in AP Physics, and i’m also generally just crappy at math, so i’ll assume that grade is bad too. Probably around a 70, and Physics is at like a 74, and even if I do well on the test I just handed in the highest it’s going to go is like a 78. I need an 80 to not be put on probation, and also because I don’t want anything lower than a B- going on my midyear report.

I feel like i’m screwing myself over for college so badly just with those two dumb classes I didn’t even have to take. Everything else is fine, or at least should be.

I have one last shot, if I do well on my Quarterly this weekend he will replace my average. But I don’t know what kind of shot I’ll have at an 80, my teacher says he’d be happy if we got half the material correct.

If I do badly and can’t get above an 80 i’m going to have to go talk to my guidance counselor about possibly dropping down to honors but I really like my teacher and I’d feel like such a failure, being the only one to drop down out of everyone I know.

I’m just scaring myself thinking about “what if my schools see the crappy Physics grade and hold it against me,” even if i’m applying to film programs.

I try so hard and go for extra help and study at home and stuff and I still feel dumb as rocks because  I somehow can’t get both of those classes. I always make stupid mistakes and wig myself out and get all nervous during tests and I hate it all, and my mom is just like “Study really hard and try to get a good grade on your test and then talk to guidance” and that’s exactly what I’ve been telling her i’m going to do and not at all helpful to me.

I hate everything I wish I could have taken APES or something and just not subjected myself to the math.

  1. littlemusicboxx said: Gurl, don’t overthink it too much! I feel like I’m in the same boat you are… maybe we could study together if it makes you feel better?? I know it’s no use saying, but try not to worry too much! You are amazing, and you will go so far!
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