I'm sure you'll do well on your Quaterly! (not sure what that is but i'm assuming it's some sort of test...?) There's one thing I do before exams and stuff, study really hard and then shove all my notes and study material underneath my pillow and sleep on it. It's probably a psychological effect or something but I feel that I remember the material much better the next day! Anyway, try not to be too upset! *HUG*

Yeah, it’s the last test of the quarter, it counts double and is just a summary of everything we’ve learned since September.

I think i’ll try that! I need all the good luck I can get for this. I’ll try to think positive, even if it’s really hard. 

Thank you so much for your advice <3 

It makes me feel a lot better just to have reassurance from people, and I could never turn down a hug C: *HUGS right back* I promise i’ll try my very hardest not to get upset about it again before the test. It won’t help me to worry as much as I’ve been worrying.

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