I can smell the turkey and cinnamon apples cooking from literally everywhere in my house and it’s driving me nuts.

I just want to eat it all already and it’s only 11 am…

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who live in America, and a really good day to all of you who don’t!

I know that our ancestors were dicks who killed off all the Native Americans with foreign diseases and stole their land, and the feast is celebrating the survival of the colonists in the new world before they turned on the natives and ruined their society, that’s obviously not the part I like. 

I enjoy it as the start of the holiday season, and for the food, and because it’s kind of a contemplative sort of day sometimes. I was thinking, and I have a lot to be thankful for in general. I have an education and a supportive family,plans for the future, a life that enables me to spend time working on my art and learning and enjoying things.

I live in a nice place filled with nice people, and a world filled with nice things.

I hope everyone just has a really nice day, I love you all <3

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