i love sherlock so much

i just

whenever that quote comes up where Benedict implies that Sherlock and Irene might have had sex after that whole Islamabad ordeal that i’m still trying to convince myself  must have been a dream

i weep tears of blood

i’m not talking about shipping here, fanon is separate from canon and I can see why Sherene could be really appealing in a fic or something 

in canon they are not in love with each other

he’s fascinated by her mental capabilities and probably likes her boobs or something and then he gets pissy when she outwits him and then taunts her when he manages to fix the situation he messed up

and she’s fascinated with the whole idea of Sherlock, the same he’s fascinated with the idea of her, and then she drugs him and whips him a bit and uses him for information

and then she pleads for protection from terrorists

gets captured

he saves her

and then she apparently has sex with him 

like if they both wanted it that’s all cool they’re both consenting adults and they can have sex with anyone they want

but it doesn’t really seem to fit in with like… anything and it didn’t make sense to me as a canon thing that the writers would say legitimately happened

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