so, my betta fish, Gilderoy, died last week.

any suggestions as to what I should get now?

I still have a gallon bowl and a half gallon bowl, no filter or heating system, so anything too high maintenance is out…

I just like having a fishie or something in the house.

If hermit crabs can live in little bowls like that I’d consider one too.

anything small and easy to care for, really.

  1. mfkw answered: That’s WAY too small for hermies, and actually almost cruel. Pretty much anything will die in there without a filter and/or a heater anyway.
  2. cattheterrible answered: That’s way too small for a hermit crab, they really like to climb. :C Maybe some kind of bug?
  3. inter5tellagg-gurl-nstuff answered: Hermit crabs CANNOT be kept in small bowls.There is almost nothing you can keep longterm in a tank that size,if you want some tips message me
  4. izzy-the-fish-girl answered: Shrimp would work, but they also need a heater. You could try snails from a local pond.
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