Reposting badge thing to both blogs because I have to make a reply button?

I got a badge maker for christmas, so as soon as I can open a bank account for business (which should be in the next few weeks), i’m going to open up shop and start selling them.

Or at least offer them for sale I mean to say i’m selling implies people are buying and I don’t know how this is going to go yet.

The price’ll probably be in the ballpark of 2$ a badge plus shipping, unless there’s a big order in which case I could make deals.

I’ve already drawn up a set of Hobbit designs, and I plan on doing some Victorian!BBC Sherlock, and a Doctor Who set.

I want to know if anyone out there has suggestions, like for a specific character from anything (I mean anything. You’d be surprised by what I’ve read/watched that I don’t blog about much here.) I’d be happy to consider.

Or even suggestions for a whole set. I’m considering doing Harry Potter and maybe some other things in the future, after I get the first batches done up.

Please leave a reply (or askbox message) with anything you think up, even if you’re not sure if you ever plan on buying any. I just like ideas.

Posting to both fandom blog ( and art blog ( so that everybody who follows me can see this.

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