La vita è bella—— 50 years, they never be apart

(Coming soon…………… I hoped)


Well, the end of world seems to be a joke and it looks like we are still alive after December 21. On one hand, I desire to compose something for celebration. On the other hand…a tiny incident have inspired me to the idea when one of my friends told me a really suck Johnlock fanfic story at a beautiful lotus pond. Hence, to remedy the trauma in my heart, I conceive to depict a happy life span of Sherlock and John in 50 years – from the moment they are young and handsome to the moment they are old…but still handsome ! 

My friends named my project as ” La vita è bella/他和他的50年 ” ,came from the touching movie ” Beautiful Life”.  

I am aware that it is a huge challenge for me as I don’t know a bit of color drawing or storyboard or PS…and I am terribly unsteady with painting style and technique. But I will try my best to conquer all of them, for there will be no regret if I can achieve such a big project. Hope everything goes well!


( ↑↑↑↑以上是基友淑女翻译,其实老子原本是这么写的 ↓↓↓↓)








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