sending them your blog it was awesome!

*smacks head on desk* 

Right, i’m sorry, I was having a slow moment there.

Thank you! 

NYU Tisch is a funny one. It’s a really good school for all sorts of film, live action, animated, all that, but when you apply you only get the chance to send them one piece of visual work to convince them of your abilities. So I sent them a drawn storyboard, but I was so paranoid that somehow that wouldn’t make it obvious that I would make a good film/animation student so when I saw the “link to website” box on the app I jumped at it.

I linked them my art blog with the hopes that they’d see that I was really dedicated, and I guess it paid off! However, i’m going to suffer from unwarranted paranoia for the next four years and the rest of my life, thinking “omg they have my art blog somewhere in my application file somebody at school could totally go on it for the hell of it and see how much shmoopy kissy fanart I draw”

like, especially if I start drawing slightly less sfw things as I get older. Oh well, it was worth it, though.

Yeah, so that’s the whole story, i’m glad you think it was awesome.

  1. prettyalarming said: i’m so proud of you i feel like a duck mom or something like really ilu you’re amazing (and from the depts of my heart i hope they don’t find the porn in the near future)
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