Okay, I was wondering if I should try to give Elementary another go, because nothing that I like is currently “in season.” My main problem the first time I tried to watch it was that I found that it was set up like a cop drama, and I couldn’t deal with the format. I got up to episode two and wasn’t really into it. However, from my dash it seems like it’s gotten a lot better since then?

I wanted to ask if anybody who doesn’t normally like CSI/cop drama type-things watches Elementary and would reccommend it to me?

What I mean is that I was wondering if the character relationships and the acting might be enough for me to put aside my dislike of the format, and wanted to ask opinions from people who watch the show. I like JLM and Lucy Liu as actors, and I don’t want to feel like I didn’t give it enough of a chance. 

Any opinions?


  1. eialyne said: I haven’t had a chance to watch the show myself yet, but a friend of mine who really didn’t like it after the first few episodes has recently started devouring it. The turning point seems to be when Moriarty and Moran pop up.
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    There’s something about the procedural formula I find really comforting; and the depth that Joan in particular adds...
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    it hasn’t necessarily gotten ‘better’ in terms of being forumulaic. it’s a procedural. i doubt it’s going to deviate...
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