Glee’s Blaine Enters The Dark Side With The Warblers! WATCH Full Song HERE!

is it just me or does this whole thing look like some intense cult re-initiation rite?

I mean it probably is. It’s a nice throwback to S2, and i’m shamelessly for anything that has to do with Dalton and the whole Dalton metaphor. It was the best glee ever did at being symbolic without being ridiculous. 

I don’t know i’m just very pleased to see this number. Blaine’s lost pretty much everything he ever had at McKinley and I don’t think there’s any way he wouldn’t want to go back and be fawned over, put the blazer on and entertain the idea of going back to a place where he’s pretty much King Blaine. I haven’t watched glee the past two weeks besides the one or two klaine-related scenes and at least I know there’s something i’m going to like in the episode.

I’m hoping they can find it in themselves to not totally muck it up and get at least a bit of individual character development in for both Kurt and Blaine while they’re broken up. In my eyes Blaine doesn’t really deserve Kurt back right now, because just being sorry for something doesn’t make it better, as sorry as you are. But he could grow up and deserve him again someday.

i didn’t even watch glee tonight but I saw next week’s promo

is glee even set in our universe anymore?