RUN! - a love that waits and grows and stretches its fingers across miles of paved highway, across interstates, oceans—absence makes the heart grow fonder. [listen here]

 i. run - vampire weekend (with you is the only honest way to go. honey, with you and a battered radio, we could try.) ii. paris - friendly fires (one day, we’re gonna live in paris. i promise, i’m on it.) iii. neighborhood #1 (tunnels) - arcade fire (i’ll dig a tunnel from my window to yours…meet me in the middle, the middle of the town.) iv. get home - bastille (to the morning we’re cast out, but i know i’ll land here again.) v. home - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes (let me come home—home is wherever i’m with you.) vi. two weeks - grizzly bear (just like yesterday, i told you i would stay.) vii. sprawl ii (mountains beyond mountains) - arcade fire (we rode our bikes to the nearest park, sat under the swings, and kissed in the dark…we run away, but we don’t know why.) viii. brand new colony - the postal service (i want to take you far from the cynics in this town and kiss you on the mouth.) ix. islands - the xx (i am yours now, so now i don’t ever have to leave.)
Guster - Satellite

  • Tune:Satellite
  • Artist: Guster
  • Album: Ganging Up On The Sun
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Satellite - Guster

Two Door Cinema Club - Handshake

  • Tune:Handshake
  • Artist: Two Door Cinema Club
  • Album: Beacon (Deluxe Version)
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Two Door Cinema Club | Handshake