'Girl picking up girls'

everyone needs to watch this!

This is great.

”Can I get your number?”
”… I´m… ahm no i can’t, i mean, i don’t have… you know. Sure why not”

That chick just got like 6 girls’ numbers damn what the hell

my one roommate purposefully made her schedule so that her earliest class this semester starts at noon

she comes back around 4 or 5 everyday and just gets in bed and naps for two or three hours

i’m really starting to get more resentful of her by the day, like when do business majors even do their freaking homework?

I’m in the stop motion room with my group and one of the guys stuck his laptop on a chair and put on the arctic monkeys

And I glanced over at the screen to look at the title of the song playing and read it as “Hot Soufflé”

I was wondering if they meant to be ironic or something and then I took a closer look
It’s “Mad Sounds”



This thing I did last night. If you follow my main tumblr you probably saw this coming.  

um, it is li t era lly illegal 4 u to make childhood icons sexy as fuck

u need to stop

im a lawyer





How does this only have 40 notes

That is BRILLIANT!!!!
I love it…he will never make the same painting twice.

There’s a bunch of these guys all over New York City. My dad got super man at me cause I would stop to watch each one.

he made that fantastic freakin painting in under three minutes

this is unacceptable

everything is a lie


Mary and Matthew



Can we appreciate John Smith here for a second? He’s so into it.







Gentle reminder that while the dwarves have loyalty, honor, willing hearts, and all the manly dwarfly smolder you can shake a stick at, they are collectively about as dumb as a box of bricks.

#when bilbo baggins is the brains of your operation  #your operation is fucked  #this goes for you too thorin  #yeah you caught on faster than kili  #but that’s like saying you caught on faster than a concussed duck 

literally crying at those tags omfg

#i just spent a long time watching kili’s hair flip

‘that’s like saying you caught on faster than a concussed duck’

i don’t know why but this makes me want a dwarf frat boy au like i’ve never wanted anything

like fili and kili are the really adorable freshmen everybody’s vaguely worried about 

and thorin is obsessed with the honour of the fraternity

and gandalf is a grad student who looks 27 or something but is actually like 45 and working on his 6th PhD and supporting himself through tutoring, growing weed, and making amateur fireworks which usually don’t blow up in people’s faces

and bofur is the only one who knows how to cook

and ori once stabbed a guy with a knitting needle during an attempted mugging

aaaaand i dk they basically kidnap bilbo who’s like an anthropology major who never has anything to do with the frats and is a hard-core member of a co-op or something

and go on a quest to win back their like engraved gold shot glass collection that was stolen by a rival frat when thorin’s grandfather was at the college

(if somebody has already written this please direct me to it asap)

You have no idea how badly I suddenly want this,

my face when suddenly a hobbit college AU seems like not a bad idea???