Was she going to slap you because you never in any way made him gay in the actual books, taking zero risks/doing absolutely nothing for gay characters in literature, and only announcing your “authorial intent” afterwards for a cheap shot at looking like an ~ally~


Gay people are just normal people. We are not told about any of the Hogwarts professors love lives, other than Snape, and it would be completely out of character for Dumbledore to walk around telling everyone about his sexuality.

Did you want her to make him dress in glittery platform boots, a crop top, and decorate his office in rainbow flags to make it more obvious for you? Would that be enough of a stereotype to appease you people? Or what? Please tell me. I’d like to know how you think a gay character is supposed to be portrayed.

And did you miss the Grindelwald chapters in the ‘actual books’? Or was that also not obvious enough for you? Did Dumbledore need to whisper “always” wistfully in order for you to connect that he had romantic feelings for Grindelwald? Maybe you are American and need them to gaze longingly into each others eyes with awkward close ups of their fingers almost grazing each other that Hollywood thinks means ‘true love’. 

It didn’t fit into his relationship to Harry to ever say “I’m gay”, and so it was not stated explicitly (you might have noticed the book was told from Harry Potter’s perspective).

The point is though, that he is a homosexual, well respected, powerful, and very loved wizard- and his sexuality doesn’t matter because no one else thinks it matters. a.k.a. no one cares that he loves men, and that is wonderful. 




Of course queer people are normal people. No one is saying otherwise. 

But, as normal people, we fucking deserve media representation. REAL representation. Not some after-the-fact little interview comment. That’s cheap. That doesn’t increase our representation. 

There are ways to write openly queer, well rounded, interesting characters, you know. 

The fact that JKR would have Dumbledore be gay but deny us that kind of representation makes me pretty upset actually. 

Am I the only person in the entire fucking fandom that did not glean “I am madly in love with this Grindlewald character” from the books?

Seriously, am I the only one?

“He’s gay, but they didn’t make a big enough deal about it!”

Srsly, guys? But when gay characters like Kurt and Blaine are fleshed out romantically we’re “Fetishizing” them. Gay community, make up your fucking minds.

Maybe he wasn’t romantically active, or, like stated above, his sexual proclivities didn’t matter to his SEVERAL DECADES YOUNGER STUDENT. Why the fuck would Dumbledore ever need to be “obviously” gay to a student, or his faculty? Or ever verbalize it? Maybe they all knew and, you know, didn’t make a big deal about it because his character was more than a walking rainbow flag of equality, and being gay wasn’t an identifying factor.

Gay people are people first. Dumbledore is Dumbledore. He’s not Dumbledore the gay headmaster of Hogwarts, loves it up the butt oh yeah.

Let me guess, you bitch about that character in Paranormal, too? The one who was gay but it wasn’t mentioned until that last throwaway line? Because it wasn’t outright enough to represent the gay community?


I don’t know what everyone else took from the books, but I think the Grindelwald chapters pretty much spoke for themselves concerning Dumbledore’s feelings for him. It’s safe enough to say that Dumbledore fancied him, imo. 

I don’t want to make this any more hostile, but I don’t think that Dumbledore has to be this huge gay icon of a character to be canonically gay without it being some ploy by JKR. When you write a character, there are always things about them that you know to be true, and you don’t always elaborate on them without cause. It’s possible that JKR just wrote this character and found that she imagined him being gay, threw a little subtext in and didn’t bring it up anywhere else. She has responsibilities as the creator of the Harry Potter universe, and having her gay characters act really “obviously gay” isn’t one of them. Her responsibilities are to write well and keep her characters and stories consistent.

Also, what makes a person think that Dumbledore can’t be openly gay? Do any of the professors at Hogwarts go around talking to students about their personal lives? The most we ever get out of anyone is that Snape loved Lily Evans, and we get that from a combination of occlumency (where Harry viewed Snape’s memories against his will) and his memories in the Pensieve (again, his admission of love for Lily occured in a situation where it was relevant and appropriate, he didn’t go around telling this to anybody.). If Dumbledore went around and shared all of his failed relationship stories with students when nobody else did, we’d be arguing that it was weird and an offensive portrayal of a queer character.

I think Dumbledore being gay is cool, more than anything. Who he fancied never stopped anyone from respecting him, and when we discuss his character, it’s on his own merits, as Dumbledore, the great headmaster and finest wizard who ever lived.