Taking down Moriarty’s web took a little longer than expected, but London’s favorite partners in crime solving are finally back together again! (“Fifty-three years, Sherlock!” “What?” “I SAID, FIFTY-THREE YEARS!!!” “WHAT??”) Everything happily goes back to normal again, except for maybe a few changes! Mrs. Hudson is still alive, but she’s a computer now (the hip’s doing fine)! Lestrade retired twenty years ago but the duo still bother him for cases all the time! The Game just ain’t as Great as it was back in my day! The Blind Banker is actually going blind! Help, I’ve Reichenbach Fallen and I can’t get up!

Okay, so Sherlock and John have to take two-hour naps in between cases and no longer have teeth, but hey, you finally got your Season 3, so who’s complaining?! OH! GOD! IRENE! NOT THE BATTLE DRESS! NO!

Fantastic, meretricious, and where are my dentures?!

Up next, Sherlock and John spend the better part of half an hour searching for John’s hearing aid.

The Adventure of the Crooked Bingo Caller