Le bal masqué, detail (c.1880). Charles Hermans (Belgian, 1839-1924). Oil on canvas.

Le bal masqué portrays the exuberant atmosphere of Parisian balls in the late 19th Century. It was heralded as a boisterous and unrestrained rendering of the Opera Ball. Hermans focuses on the sexual undertones, the flirtation between the young men dressed in white tie and the richly costumed women.


Here’s another environment! This is a view of Dragonfly Lake at Rainbow Campground from my project “Dragonfly Holiday.” This time I tried some different times of day! I’ve always wanted to try something like this… I feel like I could do a bunch more.


Cover illustration by R. Kohtz for 'Jugend' magazine nr.15, published in April 1899.



"Path under the Rose Trellises" Claude Monet, 1924


misc drawings i did at the mall


Ty Carter Art-Thoughts on Color, Part 1 & 2; Design, Color and “Value” an Idea. 

Hey rajivnarayanan,

Thanks! Here are a few demos I’ve posted on workflow, color, values, composition, and story. To see the full text and details along with other tutorials/demos, visit  

Feel free to share with your friends or download for personal use! There are many ways to paint and these are my humble thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

John William Waterhouse - A Mermaid, 1901 (via)


Stephen Seymour Thomas (American, 1868-1956), The Violin Student, Paris, 1891. Oil on canvas, 47.5 x 39 in.

Different views of Picadilly Circus by George Hyde-Pownall


Roberto Ferri - Saint Sebastian