Sherlock: Obsessive Observations Fun Facts!

The Pilot

  1. Producer Beryl Vertue and production designer Arwel Wyn Jones are extras.
  2. John Pinkerton’s artwork is strewn about. He’s the artist who created the famous blue skull.

A Study in Pink

  1. Jennifer Wilson died face down in front of a rocking horse which is probably why she thought to carve her daughter’s name into the floor.
  2. The cabbie’s ex-wife is the head of the jury in TRF— the same children appear in their photos.
  3. The musical notation on the sheet music for “Pursuit” (Sherlock’s chase theme) reads “with gypsy flair.” This places the theme in the musical tradition of Brahms’s Rondo alla Zingarese, etc.
  4. Here are most of the props/set dressings in 221b.

The Blind Banker

  1. The London Eye is lit for Gay Pride.
  2. The floor lamp in Sebastian Wilkes’s office originally appeared in 221b in the pilot.
  3. Most of the book titles on Sherlock’s shelves are in focus at some point. Here’s a complete list. Here’s the cutest of them all. Many of the books on the set have references in them to Sherlock Holmes.
  4. One of the books is a prop from The Sarah Jane Adventures. It’s called The Teleological Response of the Virus by Lavinia Smith. Lavinia is Sarah Jane’s auntie in Whoverse (spotted by Trillsabells).

The Great Game

  1. In Belarus Sherlock’s wearing the fur collar attached to his Belstaff
  2. The cinematographer, Steve Lawes, lit the museum guard’s bedroom as if it were a Vermeer painting.
  3. The Golem, Ms. Wenceslaus’s surname, and the stationary addressed to Sherlock all have a connection to Bohemia. A Scandal in Belgravia is based on ACD’s “A Scandal in Bohemia”.
  4. Scenes from TGG pay homage to the classic film, The Third Man.
  5. There’s a cute visual joke about the Golem.
  6. In the pool scene the curtain next to John’s face in TGG and ASiB changes color with his mood.

A Scandal in Belgravia

  1. John’s musical theme and Irene’s musical theme have very similar motifs and contours. (More about that.)
  2. Arthur Conan Doyle may have lifted “Vatican Cameos” from another writer of detective fiction.
  3. There’s a sprig of mistletoe in the kitchen.
  4. Sherlock plucks the musical motif of “The Coventry Carol" on his violin.
  5. There’s a bee on the wall in Sherlock’s bedroom.
  6. The end of ASiB is an intertextual nod to David Lean’s film, Lawrence of Arabia.

The Hounds of Baskerville

  1. Mark Gatiss lifted took the inspiration for Sherlock’s mind palace from Hannibal Lecter’s memory palace.
  2. John’s West London Power mug is a Whoverse prop (from The Sarah Jane Adventures.)
  3. Sherlock’s experimenting on socks in the kitchen.
  4. There are 4 printers in the living room
  5. Sherlock has an injection gun on the desk.
  6. Mycroft has “priority ultra” clearance on the badge that Sherlock steals and uses at Baskerville. This is a nod to Ultra, the designation for ultra top secret British signals intelligence during WWII. Ultra is referenced previously in Belgravia.
  7. Moriarty is compared to Hannibal Lecter many times in Sherlock. The interrogation scene is an homage to The Silence of the Lambs. The camera even name checks Hannibal in the CO’s office. 

The Reichenbach Fall

  1. TRF is heavily influenced by the film The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. (1939)
  2. And Nosferatu(1922)
  3. Richard Brook’s CV makes two nods to ACD canon. 
  4. Brook played a character called “Teflon Terry” (nothing sticks to teflon). He also acted on stage at the Bush theater as did Andrew Scott! RB’s head shots are credited to Arwel Jones, Sherlock's production designer.
  5. The newspaper between Moriarty and Sherlock in 221b says “United We Stand.”
  6. Moriarty and Sherlock’s Bach story is fictional.
  7. There are a lot of similarities between the kidnapping of Max and Claudette and that of Charles Lindbergh’s son.
  8. There’s a reference to Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy on Sherlock’s desk. BC’s character in TTSS was influenced by ACD’s Dr. John Watson.
  9. Somebody at the bus stop signals to Sherlock from the ground. It appears to be the number 29.
  10. It’s definitely not Sherlock on the stretcher.

More Metas and OCD Observations

Fun times.


Dragon grotesque on the Munich, Germany town hall

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