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(sherlock × aphUK)

Does anybody know that fanfic where BBC!John is looking through a trunk of documents that had come into Sherlock’s possession through his family, and they’re all written by Sherlock’s great uncle, who was the original ACD Holmes, and his own Watson?

A bunch of them detail the fact that Victorian Holmes and Watson were romantically involved but obviously keeping it a secret, and it makes John consider his feelings for Sherlock?

I was just reading the Milverton story and Holmes refers to Watson as his friend and partner and I guess that triggered the memory and I suddenly really want to read it again, trouble is I don’t remember the name or author.

If anybody could help I’d be grateful!


A 7% Solution? Sherlock’s Injection Gun

The most dangerous and interesting prop in 221b is this syringe pistol. It only appears in Hounds and it’s on the top of one of Sherlock’s four printers in the lounge (one on the desk, two near the music stand and one on the shelf behind the door). 

One obvious interpretation given the evidence is that Sherlock is hell on printers! Maybe he simply abandons them when they run out of ink? Is it thrifty John (eco-conscious!John?) who’s using the injector to refill the ink cartridges to prevent our Petulant Consulting Detective from buying yet another? 

The fact remains that even if the confounded thing is being used for good it’s still a freaking injector gun! And it’s in the possession of a known user who (barely?) overcame a Danger Night just one episode ago! What the hell is John thinking even letting it in the flat at all? 

Well this is the same enabler doctor who will, a few minutes after the gun appears on screen, relent and toss our Consulting Addict a pack of cigarettes to calm his ass down. 

Also known as [a syringe pistol], an injector gun or a medical injector, an injection gun is a device that is used to efficiently and safely inject medication into the body. Devices of this type…offer a higher degree of accuracy at the injection site. …the gun makes is possible to deliver a more precise dosage than is usually possible with a traditional syringe. In many countries, no type of injection gun is available to the general public without the express permission of a licensed healthcare provider.

An injection gun can be used for just about any type of medication injection. This includes the delivery of pain medication, or of antibiotics… While there is some variation in the design, most of these injectors are equipped with a chamber for the medication, a barrel, and a trigger… The trigger is located below the chamber and barrel, making it easy to hold the device in one hand, position the needle at the point of entry, and squeeze the trigger to insert the needle and deliver the dose of medication. (x)


If any of you have seen the BBC Sherlock Holmes with… Uh… CumberBach?
My film professor trying to lead into a lecture about experimental film techniques.


Sherlock, John, Moriarty, Irene and Molly.

Inspired by SDCClocked.


J: Oh God. It was you. You locked me in the bloody lab.
S: I had to. It was an experiment.


Blaming Kie mostly because this and all the other awesome makes me want to draw more stuff with molly hgngh Ireallyreallywanthemtobecloserfriendsscreechhh


So take this as a friendly warning, my dear. Back off.