just a magic trick.


After The Fall

(Watercolour, ink and coloured pencil, A4, February 2012)


Of all jumpers, I love the beige one the most hgtjrnht  John looks so huggable in it.

I guess I shouldn’t have put it in the tags, but he’s reading John’s mind by wearing his jumper? He’s blushing because apparently John thinks about his butt?



don’t mind me just doing more drippy watercolor because that’s my favorite



then i will sit here consumed by lust until the end of the investigation (x)


Mara Louise’s amazing [ A Study in Ink ] series.

I got a ton of new art supplies on Monday.

And then I went home, straightened out my art desk, organized my new paints and brushes and pencils and stuff in the big handy-dandy art bin I had bought…

And whipped out a pair of year-old sharpies and a stubby red prismacolor from the box I’ve had for two years.

And got a somewhat desu Watson.