you two are so precious i swear to god (x)


I believe that little boy Benedict looking thoroughly moody (or perhaps he’s just being a tart) on his old balcony needs its own post. 


Benedict Cumberbatch at the MET Gala



There was some delightful news today when Tennessee Aquarium announced that they have named one of their otters after Benedict Cumberbatch! They explain that it’s because of “viral Internet posts comparing his face to otter faces”, so I’m very proud. According to their website, Benny the otter is “always first in line at feeding time and is very vocal." They don’t mention whether he also does motion capture, but I bet he does.

Sadly I’m unlikely to have a reason to go to Tennessee in the near future, but I’ve provided this handy visual guide to help you distinguish between the snuffly-nosed playful cutie-pie and the otter who’s named after him…

Hahahahaha. Amazing.

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Benedict Cumberbatch at the Malaysian GP [ x ]


Benedict’s freaky hidden talent involving his hands tho.