Chris Sanders’ “Sanders’ Style Surfin’”

[Hannibal] is horror with a profound respect for human life, and for the human beings who watch it. That, more than anything, is why it deserves the “Best Drama on TV” label.
Sady Doyle, “Hannibal’s Feminist Take on Horror.” (x)


the depth and complexity of his jumpers

Ten and Rose + practically married

I am a New Yorker. Every pore, every hair on my body is a New Yorker. I love the noise. I love the dirt. I love the smell. I love crazy people. I love every single thing about New York. It just makes me.



Oh my Gawd. It grew.

It never gets old.


So yesterday while I was working at the bookstore some girl came up with a barcode tattooed on her wrist. Of course, my first question to her was “Can I scan it?” I guess she had never had it scanned before and was pretty excited about it. She talked about how it was sentimental to her and stuff. I scanned it and she rang up as a bag of Jalapeño Cheetos. She then became livid and, of course, I was dying of laughter.


best bf ever

says Sherlock

about himself