so i just found a really great website called tilemachine, and its basically a galler of repeating backgrounds and also a repeating background maker! it’s very simple to use, if you’re looking for a repeating background id suggest giving this one a shot!


So, the button maker works like a dream.
I made a little Martin as a tester.


Preview of my Thorin button. It’s nearly finished, I just need to make a background (and remove the improvised watermark).

But this is pretty much how they’re going to look. At the rate i’m going, the hobbit set should be finished by the weekend after Martin Luther King Junior Day, and the shop should be open!

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Reposting badge thing to both blogs because I have to make a reply button?

I got a badge maker for christmas, so as soon as I can open a bank account for business (which should be in the next few weeks), i’m going to open up shop and start selling them.

Or at least offer them for sale I mean to say i’m selling implies people are buying and I don’t know how this is going to go yet.

The price’ll probably be in the ballpark of 2$ a badge plus shipping, unless there’s a big order in which case I could make deals.

I’ve already drawn up a set of Hobbit designs, and I plan on doing some Victorian!BBC Sherlock, and a Doctor Who set.

I want to know if anyone out there has suggestions, like for a specific character from anything (I mean anything. You’d be surprised by what I’ve read/watched that I don’t blog about much here.) I’d be happy to consider.

Or even suggestions for a whole set. I’m considering doing Harry Potter and maybe some other things in the future, after I get the first batches done up.

Please leave a reply (or askbox message) with anything you think up, even if you’re not sure if you ever plan on buying any. I just like ideas.

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