Literally spending my first sunday away at college alone in my dorm room because I can’t get anyone to answer me and nobody texts me

I know it all apparently gets better after the first week but I feel like the only one who hasn’t really clicked with anyone yet (Or at least enough to for them to text me randomly if they have nothing to do) even though I know I can’t be the only one sitting in their dorm right now.

Like, I knew college was going to be a weird adjustment but right now it’s way too weird and lonely for me to handle.


College applications

So Toy Story 3 was on TV the other day…


so me, my sister and my dad decided watching it again. 

and then there were the scenes when Bonnie is playing…. 

and my dad said 

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this just made me cry too.

My top choice school sends me an information packet or random booklet like every other month since two years ago, another one came in the mail today.

If they don’t admit me at this point they’re just being cruel.

I think I saved like all of it, I’ll post a pic of the stack someday, it’s actually hilarious.