These are dark times...

Wait is it bad that I’m getting emotional thinking about how Ron and Harry and Hermione met on that same train, on their first trip to Hogwarts? How Hermione kind of annoyed both boys at first, and then how, on Halloween, they saved her from a  troll, she took the fall for them sneaking out, and they all became best friends.

How they were completely inseparable, except for in the summer and on Holidays when they’d often be apart, how they went through everything that happened at school and beyond those seven years together, and defeated Voldemort together.

And how now, now that they’ve grown up and nothing quite so crazy is happening anymore, they’ve gone from best friends, like family, to an actual, literal family. The three of them are a family in the literal sense, too. Ron and Hermione are married, and Harry is married to Ginny, he’s married to Ron’s sister. How Rose and Hugo must call Harry “Uncle Harry,” and how James, Albus Severus and Lily must go to their Aunt Hermione for help with schoolwork, or mabye to Uncle Ron for a laugh. They spend holidays together ;w;

And it all goes back to platform 9 3/4, that train, that school. How they had no idea, when they first met, how much they would need each other.