I haven’t watched glee in over a year so I’m really out of the loop, but I figure someone else can tell me:

Has glee really dropped the Lima cast completely?

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just press play

i wish there were more scenes like this in glee… just something more realistic of a glee club than the “daydream” singing on stages.

about 5 minutes into the quarterback

i’m crying really hard but also laughing hysterically at the line about sue planting a tree where she caught finn and quinn “fondling each other’s breasts”

I haven’t sat down and watched glee in a long time, and while this is so upsetting it’s also heartwarming because it’s not really often that I think back to when glee first started, the whole simpler world that existed back then, that finn/cory helped build and maintain

that world was most of my high school experience, and it was what I looked to when I was feeling sad and empty and wanted to feel warm and wanted to feel better

it’s doing the same thing right now