He said that he would acquire no knowledge which did not bear upon his object. Therefore all the knowledge which he possessed was such as would be useful to him. I enumerated in my own mind all the various points upon which he had shown me that he was exceptionally well informed. I even took a pencil and jotted them down. I could not help smiling at the document when I had completed it. It ran this way:




Hands down, my favorite reoccurring joke.

You forgot this one 

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love is strange: sherlock



Don’t tell me I was the only one thinking this when seeing this picture.

#a day full of murder makes the boredom go down #the boredom go down-wown #the boredom go down

Finally somebody did this. It was the first thing I thought when I saw him with the umbrella.

I tend to avoid July and August, but the rest of the year I’ll drive around the local villages and if I see some kids looking like they’re in need of ice creams, I’ll pull over and dish them out for free. They’ll say, “Ain’t you Ron Weasley?” And I’ll say, “It’s strange, I get asked that a lot.”
Rupert Grint talking about his ice cream truck  (via goldentulips)