happy 34th birthday to harry james potter! (and jk rowling)


"Ah, music," Dumbledore said, wiping his eyes. "A magic far beyond all we do here!"

A very small selection of songs from the Harry Potter films that convinced me that Dumbledore knew exactly what he was talking about. Listen here.

Hedwig’s Theme / John Williams ☄ Buckbeak’s Flight / John Williams ☄ Secrets of the Castle / John Williams ☄ Foreign Visitors Arrive / Patrick Doyle ☄ Rita Skeeter / Patrick Doyle ☄ Harry In Winter / Patrick Doyle ☄ The Room of Requirement / Nicholas Hooper ☄ The Ministry of Magic / Nicholas Hooper ☄ The Friends / Nicholas Hooper ☄ Dobby / Alexandre Desplat ☄ Dragon Flight / Alexandre Desplat ☄ Severus and Lily / Alexandre Desplat  Leaving Hogwarts / John Williams


the potter generation // horcruxes or hallows }

–––– – ❝ wouldn’t it be better, make you  s t r o n g e r , to have your soul in more pieces, i mean, for instance, isn’t seven the most powerfully magical number, wouldn’t seven –– ? merlin’s beard, tom! seven! isn’t it bad enough to think of killing one person? and in any case…bad enough to divide the soul…but to rip it into  s e v e n  pieces… of course, this is all  h y p o t h e t i c a l  , what we’re discussing, isn’t it? all academic… yes, sir, of course.


Hermione’s last minute study crunch before exams!

Veni, Vidi, Vici




harry potter + tilt shift


"It’s just a mortality tale, it’s obvious which gift is best, which one you’d choose—"

The three of them spoke at the same time: Hermione said, “the cloak,” Ron said, “the wand,” and Harry said, “the stone.”

They looked at each other, half surprised, half amused.

Harry must have had more haircuts than the rest of the boys in his class put together, but it made no difference, his hair simply grew that way - all over the place.