“As Tom, I believe very strongly in kindness. It’s like a secret weapon. It can move mountains.

Tom Hiddleston’s Acts of Kindness.

I cannot get over how ceaselessly sweet Tom is. He is such a kind-hearted, well-mannered man; his existence alone restores my faith in the good in humans in the world. I no longer want to focus on the negative aspects of humankind… surely, there is innocence, and love, and amiability, and authenticity roaming about. Surely, there are people who believe in positive energy and practice it. Surely, the best that we must do and become is kindness itself. And I am glad Tom Hiddleston is proof of that.


If nothing else on Tumblr, this is the post that I would want Tom to see the most. He needs to see how much we truly admire and look up to him, and how his mere existance makes the world a better place. <3

I don’t usually reblog Tom Hiddleston posts, (I am still a Hiddlestoner), but I’ve never respected a human being so much - he’s perfect in everything he does and achieves.