It’s a wonderful combination of playing a hero who is a faulted human being. There’s an awful lot of him that is dangerous, and perverse, and interesting, and it’s great stuff to get your teeth into as an actor. And, at the same time, he’s a Class-A hero.

Hear, hear.


“I can explain,” Sherlock promised, his voice raw and rough in John’s ear. “I will tell you everything… anything… all of it, I swear…” He swallowed, knowing he should pull back, give John time, allow room for his anger. “I’ll let go in a minute… “ Sherlock held on.

Slowly, John’s arms rose to wrap around the apparition before him, unexpected, unbelievable, but entirely and completely familiar. “Sherlock…” he started, but there was nowhere to go beyond that name… nothing else in the world that he wanted. “Sherlock…” His arms tightened, fingers splaying out. “Don’t let go…”