He rummaged in the pouch hung around his neck, and pulled out the two halves of holly still just connected by the finest thread of phoenix feather. Hermione had said that they could not be repaired, that the damage was too severe. All he knew was that if this did not work, nothing would. He laid the broken wand upon the headmaster’s desk, touched it with the very tip of the Elder Wand, and said “ Reparo .” As his wand resealed, red sparks flew out of its end. Harry knew that he had succeeded. He picked up the holly and phoenix wand and felt a sudden warmth in his fingers, as though wand and hand were rejoicing at their reunion. “I’m putting the Elder Wand,” he told Dumbledore, who was watching him with enormous affection and admiration, “back where it came from. It can stay there. If I die a natural death like Ignotus, its power will be broken, won’t it? The previous master will never have been defeated. That’ll be the end of it.” Dumbledore nodded. They smiled at each other.

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“He knows…”


These are dark times...

My eternal creys at this chapter.

When it got to the part in the movie where Severus was holding Lily’s body and sobbing, I totally lost it because I couldn’t stop thinking that this was his childhood best friend, his one TRUE friend, who he hasn’t spoken to in too long because of one stupid mistake, and he loved her, and now she’s dead and he never even got to apologize or ask forgiveness or even SPEAK TO HER ;A;