"I’ve heard of you before. You’re Holmes the Meddler. Holmes the Busybody! Holmes the Scotland Yard jack in office."

We were on location somewhere and he serenaded me at a restaurant table in the middle of a very crowded restaurant in the evening … and when he serenaded me, he really did serenade me. He wasn’t taking the mickey, it was absolutely serious as only Jeremy could be serious in a situation like that. I was sitting there, and suddenly his voice was floating out all over this restaurant, and he improvised this song all about me and my beautiful wife and my beautiful son. I was absolutely crimson with embarrassment. But it didn’t make me love him any the less.
David Burke on Jeremy Brett’s irresistible urge to sing
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“You know my methods. What do you yourself gather as to the individuality of the man who has worn this particular article?” “Well apart from the initials inside - H.B.- presumably Henry Baker? I can see nothing.”

Love the “Ah”.


Unused promotional photo. The photo was retaken after it was realized Brett was still wearing his earring.

When I came out of the asylum, the person who collected me was Edward Hardwicke. He took me to an Italian restaurant. I had a pasta and a glass of red wine. He then drove me back to my home where we sat and had a cup of tea. It was Edward Hardwicke. He is one of the loveliest people, and I suppose he is the best friend that any man has ever had….in life. Which is after all how Doyle describes Watson.

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I have no wards..only I love you

Have some Jeremy Brett doing jazz hands because reasons.



the last

I can’t

jeremy brett

can’t be tamed

So, uhhhh….

Nothing like some platonic handholding between friends, right?