ok ice cubes are fucking badass i mean they float around in their own blood

i’m pretty sure this joke was ripped from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Fallon trying to keep Jon Stewart from accepting his award.

Jimmy Fallon putting “Moves Like Jagger” on Adam Levine before presenting “Best Original Score” at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards - January 15th, 2012

i have the weirdest boner right now.


At dinner, I mentioned something about Sebastian and his plotline to wickedgleefan, and my mother overheard, and started to blab about “Jimmy Fallon” and “Dude Spoon” (For all who do not know, Dude Spoon is a game on Jimmy Fallon in which male audience members must spoon a half-naked strange man for an amount of time.).

The two of us gave her weird looks, and halfway through a giggle fit, she manages to get out something along the lines of “Sebastian is the name of the half-naked spoon-ee on Jimmy Fallon.”

My face when.