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~click for full view: suggestive but not explicit nsfw noncon wolf!John/redridinghood!Sherlock~

Read The Red on AO3 by belladonnaq & traumachu

A fic/art collab for the Seattle Fandom Jam, based on the prompt “RedRidingHood!Sherlock controls Wolf!John” from themadkatter13

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More Sherlock fanart. After I told myself to take a break. Didnt work. AU Greaser Sherli n John cuzzz it was suggestion on the tumblrs n I couldnt help myself. two things I love. a lot.

Yeah sherlock is super cutie pie….. yeah John totes has tattoos and they’re too hot on him. YEEEUP. got a problem. gunna go sleep it off.




~click for NSFW selfcest johnlocklock~

"Sherlock, did you really accidentally clone yourself?"

"Oh John. Since when is anything we do an accident?"

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this was inspired by francesksgk’s top!lockXbottom!lock art!! BECAUSE BOTH, BOTH IS GOOD (i couldn’t resist adding John too tho)


What if Sherlock deduces John’s going to kiss him right before it happens and he doesn’t know what to do so he blurts some random facts about bees and “Adipocere formation is not a universal phenomenon during decomposition.” but John waits for him to finish, slowly invading Sherlock’s personal space, making him talk faster and faster, and kisses him when he’s run out of words and Sherlock is so stunned he doesn’t speak for a long time afterwards.


Happy New Year! Enjoy the new Episode !!! ♥♥♥ 


"Get yourself nearly killed once more, Sherlock, and I swear I’ll finish the job with my own two hands…"

"You say such sweet things, John. I never knew you cared~"

Commission for Alipeeps ! :)


♡♡♡ John coming off of anesthesia from a minor operation and is totally loopy and can’t remember who Sherlock is, and he just goes into full throttle Captain J. Watson flirt mode and Sherlock is blushing and stammering and could never have believed John capable of saying those things to him otherwise cause he needs to hear everything said explicitly ♡♡♡


commission of johnlock for daggerarcadia!


you could say that there was a spark