Keane - Bend And Break

  • Tune:Bend And Break
  • Artist: Keane
  • Album: Bend and break [single]
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[Regarding "the other side" and "white light" references] "In Bend and break that phrase is more about getting through a really dark state of mind and emerging into brighter, happier times. The old saying 'the darkest hour is just before the dawn' is very true and potent i think. People often say that with proper depression, things can seem unbearably awful as your thoughts run around each other in the dark of the night but when the sun rises you can get more perspective and see things in a more hopeful way. See Patrick Humphries' book on nick drake for his thoughts on how this phenomenon affected that great songwriter. Anyway for me I've always loved the mornings...the day is new and full of possibilities. The song reminds me of when I was young and in the mornings I'd phone Tom or Richard or other friends and we'd make plans to meet up in town or play football or whatever. I still feel the same way...for example I always write songs best early in the morning." - Tim - Messageboard - Source

Keane - Neon River

  • Tune:Neon River
  • Artist: Keane
  • Album: Strangeland (Deluxe Version)
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Keane - Neon River

A lot of Hopes and Fears was written late at night after a glass of wine; he just sat in his house next to a piano, banging away, half-drunk, and coming up with a riff or whatever, without the pressure.
Richard Hughes about Tim (X)


"Who are you? What are you fighting for? Holy truth? Brother, I choose this mortal life lived in perfect symmetry, what I do, that will be done to me. As the needle slips into the run out groove, love, maybe you’ll feel it too. And maybe you’ll find life is unkind and over so soon. There is no golden gate, there’s no heaven waiting for you.”



Keane - Shot for Q magazine / Birling Gap, East Sussex. October 2013

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Warming up (Bend and Break) from

i’m legitimately freaked out and really confused, what is going on with keane?

i’m hearing “taking a break” but the posts i’ve been seeing are leading me to think “possibly splitting up” and i’m freaking the hell out

what’s the official news?

because i can’t go to class tomorrow if it’s something serious i’ll just have to sit in all day and cry a lot


"There’s a song to ease your fear. A song to take you far from here. One for joy, one for desire, one for despair" - Keane

2004: Hopes an Fears

2006: Under the iron sea
2008: Perfect Symmetry
2010: Night Train
2012: Strangeland
2013: The Best of Keane