Do you ever have something so weird in your bag/pocket that all you can think is how nobody could ever guess what you have in your bag/pocket?

Because I stopped at petco to buy a filter and I now have a marimo in a bag with me at the dining hall

What do I name it I gotta stick with the Hannibal naming convention… But it’s a moss ball…


French Rococo - Jean-Honore Fragonard

*casually sprinkling some cinnamon on my applesauce*


*shit I fucked up shit I fucked upshitIfuckedup*

when you have company over and you’re just waiting for them to leave so that you can get out of your clothes but they’re just loitering around the dessert table


Just had a completely inane argument with my mother that began with her saying that she “doesn’t understand why gay issues are such a big thing when they’re getting their legislation passed,” and progressed into “Why isn’t there more focus on women, they’re more oppressed.”

Mom, it is really hard to argue this with you when you have already demonstrated a complete failure to understand the basis of my argument. I assure you, I can care very much about more than one set of issues, and one is not more deserving of attention.

I love my mom and her heart’s in the right place but she’s so frustrating sometimes.

just had a minor fire in our toaster oven nbd

You know, Idk when i’m ever going to have a boy/girlfriend, it’s not like i’m in a rush, but:

whenever I do start to like someone, however I come across them, I really hope they’re a fandom person. 

they don’t even need to be specifically in one of my fandoms. I just feel like as long as they were in A fandom, we’d understand each other well and wouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable around each other at all.

Idk how it’s going to happen, like at college or online or in a dumpster behind a Dunkin’ Donuts, but yeah. It’s not like i’m going to put out an application or anything, because I always imagine myself being friends with that person first, I can’t imagine building a romantic relationship off of nothing.

On second thought, maybe there are such things as tumblr friend applications?

Hahaha, not yet. But seriously, yeah. I’m not even talking about dating anymore, that’s seriously not a top priority of mine right now. Just in general. I love making tumblr friends/acquaintances. They’re so easy to talk to, and I wish I lived close to the few I have. The few I have know who they are (basically if you’ve talked to me more than once or twice and we’ve had a conversation you fall under here), and I hope they all know that i’m so happy to have “met” them.

Or I guess I might live reasonably close to some of them, but I have no idea if they’d ever want to meet me in person and wish I could be less shy and just ask. I’m kind of scared of scaring them away OTL

Also my parents are my only source of transport right now and they’re wary of internet people. 

But come September, once i’m in college, if any of you who already talk to me (or who might talk to me in the future) are coming by NYC, I’d love to meet up so much and go to a museum together or a mac and cheese restaurant or something.

I guess I’ll just finish this off by re-iterating that if you’d like to talk to me, not even to be friends but just to casually comment on something we both enjoy or respond to a post I made (though if you want to keep talking after that one time it would make me so happy), please don’t be shy!

That goes for all of you.

Have a great Saturday night, whether you’re partying it up or staying home and eating a whole roll of cookie dough while watching netflix now you all know what i’m doing tonight.


Oh my god I am so miserably sick
Everything actually hurts
At least my doctor’s appointment is at 9:30 am so I can stay home and watch TV the rest of the day. I love waking up between 8 and 9, it’s my favorite time of morning.

But I have a hundred degree fever and a sore throat and swollen tonsils and a stuffy nose, so that might diminish my enjoyment just a bit.

gonna go watch the S1 finale of Downton Abbey

also i’m going to make something for Johnlock day yeah




I want to

personal sads