every family got a plastic bag full of plastic bags

I just showed my mom the video of Tom Hiddleston/Loki at the Thor panel

and then our dog got all freaked out and jealous and started jumping up and pawing at her because she was making the “i’m looking at something that’s potentially cuter than you” noise

My dad has this one surgical mask that he wears while doing every single project around the house.

I’m pretty sure it’s meant for kids, it’s printed with little pictures of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, and I actually can’t remember a time when he didn’t have it.

I literally don’t think he’s ever changed it.

I gave my dad a box of cricket snacks for Father’s Day and, upon opening, he immediately began gleefully plotting to plant one in grandpa’s living room later so that he could pretend to find it and eat it in front of our aunts.

I’ll provide updates as the situation develops.

Update on the Lego LOTR situation:

Sam just invited Frodo to “Try and hit me!”
Frodo has taken this invitation and continues to abuse Sam.

Sam has started singing and throwing items at Frodo. Frodo’s response:

Needless to say, my sister is now Pippin, and my brother is Sam.

Pippin is now the sufferer of the verbal abuse.

My brother, my sister and I are taking turns playing the two player lego LOTR Wii game.

I’m watching them play the first level and it’s honesty hilarious. He’s playing Frodo, she’s playing Sam, and she’s completely impeding their escape from the Black Rider.

Five minutes in and it’s devolved into Frodo beating Sam to death over and over while Sam jumps around aimlessly and wastes all the useful items.

Now Frodo just started yelling “F you!” at Sam, who’s trapped in the water.

My family on Christmas.

just walked upstairs to find my dad waiting outside my 11 year old brother’s room, waiting to jump out and scare him when he emerged from it.

it’s been five minutes and I think he’s still there.


So when I was at NYCC at the SherlockNYC meetup, I sent my mom the Sherlock/Irene picture because she ships Sherene and she responds with “Ugh”.

I think she was trying to make the ringtone noise from A Scandal in Belgravia…

My dad is on one of his cleaning sprees once again.


-Vacuuming the ceiling and trying to get a fly
-lecturing me on the importance of cleaning cobwebs
-showing me the amount of dust he’s collected on a single paper towel
-telling me how to clean a tv without touching the screen
-“I found yogurt on the floor”
-*finds a piece of candy from our Easter egg hunt this morning*
-bragging about his ability to properly clean a Magic Bullet cup after drinking a shake

Dad, I’m sorry.

This is our father.

I’m actually really miffed that we didn’t just buy him Emma’s Born This Way shirt while we were at Glee Live.