What do you think love is?


This is Halloween



Stephen Colbert was supposed to feature Daft Punk but sadly they canceled at last minute… and this happened.


“Sally, I have to thank you so much for being a vanguard against typecasting.  Because as the girl who started out as the Princess of Genovia, I can’t tell you how encouraging it was to know that the Flying Nun grew up to be Norma Rae, and grew up to be Mama Gump, and grew up to be Mary Todd Lincoln…so, thank you so much.”

-Anne Hathaway to Sally Field in her Golden Globe acceptance speech [x]



omfg he’s crying this is awful

the guy yelled at him and he’s crying

Blaine still has that look on his face—like Kurt is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. - AfterElton


“Only I can live forever.”



Kurt & Blaine - I found him

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This is my take on how both Kurt and Blaine were lonely and not fully happy before their meeting. While Kurt is feeling down and things are getting worse when Karofski seem to have made a target of him for his bullying, Blaine is safe at Dalton but living with regret from running away from his own tormentors. 

One day, one these staircase, while one was there to spy and the other was getting to his impromptu performance, their lives are about to change and take a turn for the best. 

They found each other.


All information about the music, clips in the end credit.

I tried to put some sort of flashbacks for Blaine inspired mostly from things I’ve read in fanfictions (for the threats on the lockers) and from Blaine’s confession about the Sadie Hawkins dance in ‘Prom Queen’

I’ve prepared the free box of tissues, just in case

It’s 2:30 in the morning and I am sobbing
I just fucking love my otp so much and just dahfdashfkjsdf