”Primrose and Feather” by Alphonse Mucha


30 Vintage Plane Manual & Blueprint Textures (.zip)

(especially made for my Cabin Pressure friends)

contains manual covers, inside text, mechanical illustrations, diagrams, blueprints, and charcoal sketches. all unedited. please like or reblog if using.




Source: The13thBlackCat


this - especially for draenai


Trakoclock asked:

Hey, if you don’t mind sharing, I’ve always wondered how you got that soft celling look on your characters in your comic. Any tips? I’m currently working on my own comic and I kind of want to go for a less harsh form of cell shading. Thanks!

A couple people have asked about the way I color things and I’ve been meaning to post a tutorial on it :]. I’ve never been too good at describing my process, but I hope this helps!


Some of the Reilly rhythm basics- Source- Erik Gist who is a teacher at Watts Atelier

Marina Abramovic - The Artist is Present (2010)

A 736.5-hr static, silent performance piece in which Abramovic sat immobile at a small table in the museum’s atrium across from one spectator at a time. Believe it or not, the atmosphere was overwhelming and spectators wound up breaking down. The piece inspired blogs and FB support-group pages—the performance was just that powerful. 

“The audience gazes back, and inevitably begins to grasp the power [Abramovic’s] spell. As art critic Arthur Danto observed, ‘The Artist is Present represents an entirely new experience in the history of art. For most masterpieces, people stand in front of it for 30 seconds. Mona Lisa: 30 seconds. But people come and sit here all day.’”


From: pachurz:

Some building block references my Life Drawing teacher drew up for us for our Figure Drawing class. Thought I would impart the wisdom.


good comeback johnlock


(inspired by this cute fanart where it looks like they’re fusion dancing : http://deduce-me-doctor-watson.tumblr.com/post/30347758180/ )

oh my god i’m dying here i literally can’t process what is happening here let alone deal with it

give me this i want it now in fics in canon in fanart everywhere


William Bouguereau: L’Amour et Psyche, 1899