There was this really cute girl at work tonight training for the other store

And she had these really blue eyes, like literally limpid tears

And when I left just now she had to come lock the door behind me and she was like “go home and enjoy your Mad Men, the fourth season is really good!”

And I just word vomited out “You have really nice eyes! Like, crazy blue!”

And then I peaced out so fast

OTL why does she not work in our store

Woah, a massive thunderstorm just started. Crazy bright lightning, too.

I like storms, but I hope it’s not gonna be raining when I have to move all my shit out of the building in a few hours.

So I went to St. John the Divine tonight to hear the reading of the cantos from Dante’s Inferno. It was so beautifully dark in there except at the altar which was lit perfectly. So eerie.

Though I have to say, before tonight, never had I thought i’d hear the words “ass trumpet” spoken from a church altar.

Now I’m debating going to the diner. Somebody decide for me.

things I’ve recently developed unexpected obsessions with:

  • shipping fred^2 for serious
  • mads mikkelsen’s back
  • ambient electronic music
  • snail mouths

I read and recorded sounds for a short passage of my favorite childhood book for my sound image class, and yesterday my professor said she likes the way I read so much that she wanted me to come with her tomorrow to the school where she reads to third graders, and read a few chapters of that book to them .

So tomorrow morning I’m going to read some of Roald Dahl’s “BOY: Tales of Childhood” to a bunch of cute little kids, and I’m so happy ;w; the book means so much to me, and I know that a lot of kids, even ones who like Roald Dahl, will never pick it up because it’s an autobiography, despite the fact that he wrote it to be accessible to children. I read it for the first time when I was 7, and I still re-read it yearly.

It’s so special and I get to share ;3;

I should wear my bow more often, I’ve gotten three comments on it today ;w;

1 from a guy in my class this morning, I came in late and he goes “but you still had time to put a flower in your hair”

2 from a guy on my floor at school, he came out of the elevator and was like “hey Corinne , I like your flower!”

3 from the cute barista at the coffee place, who accidentally gave me the wrong drink and then called out to me “hey, you in the pretty bow!” I was already putting cinnamon in the drink so I kept it, even though Nutella isn’t my favorite flavor. I was so happy didn’t even care.

i’m wearing flannel jammies and reading in bed while listening to sigur ros and my legs are all tired from exercising and i’m all sleepy and this has to be one of the best feelings ever

I don’t know why i’m thinking of this, but it’s late at night and i’m thinking about how being into Hannibal somehow enhances my enjoyment of Sherlock…

It’s so strange, but because everything in the Hannibal universe is so dark and twisted and terrible, Sherlock seems all the more romantic and full of love. It didn’t seem like it at first, but being into something so absolutely fucked up where people are so terrible to each other really does remind me that Sherlock is fundamentally a romance about a detective. In all the relationships in the show you just see how much all of them are mutually concerned for each other’s wellbeing even when they like to pretend they’re not, in Lestrade hugging Sherlock like a son and Mrs.Hudson making breakfast for John and Sherlock giving up his life for John and ohhhhhh

Hannibal is set in a much colder, scarier world, where everyone’s good intentions are always so fucked up and never well-executed, and not just for the obvious candidates, like Hannibal with his affection for Will that ends up with Will in prison, but Jack beating himself up over ruining everything and Alana trying to reassure Will that she’ll get him justice- by proving that he was insane when he committed serial murder, all out of care.

It’s such a wonderful juxtaposition.

after listening to our mixdowns today, my sound teacher told me that despite the fact i’m a little behind on the editing learning curve, she thinks i’m a wonderful storyteller

and then another guy in the class chimed in and said that he thinks i’m a good speaker, which absolutely blew my mind because I don’t think that of myself at all

those things mean so much to me, considering that I want to be a story artist and i am like, just…

walkin’ on sunshine so hard right now

So my grandma called me last night while I was at the Hugh Dancy Q&A, and I called her back this morning to let her know why I didn’t pick up.

I start telling her "So, you know the show Hannibal? One of the lead actors-"

and she just goes “Oh, Hannibal! Of course, I DVR’d that last night, though I won’t have the chance to watch it until tonight.”

I literally just froze and went “You… you watch Hannibal?” I’m still in complete shock. My grandma is one of those grandmas who is constantly bringing you cookies and making you pasta, goes to church more than once a week, watches the Pope on TV and is generally put off by the level of violence in the clips on America’s Funniest Home videos. And i’m just sitting there as she starts telling me how much she likes HANNIBAL.

She goes, in her sweet, grandma voice "I was intrigued because I saw The Silence of The Lambs, and all those films with Anthony Hopkins, he’s so terrific. I don’t know, what he does with people, you know, the food, puts you off, but it’s strange, I find it very interesting!"

I start fangirling a little bit, like “Grandma!!! I had no idea? Omg I need to call you every Saturday to talk about it now!!!” and started talking about what Hugh said at the Q&A, especially regarding Hannibal himself and Mads Mikkelsen’s portrayal, she just goes (about Mads) "Oh, he’s so wonderful. He can act so creepy, but I hear that he’s really a sweet pussycat."

I’m just sitting and silently dying at this point, this is the greatest discovery I have ever made.