oh man ive had this in my wip folder forever but i’ve finally finished it! I really love the red string of fate belief and I can’t help but think that even if Stamford hadn’t been there on that bench that day, by some twist of fate John would sit down on that bench only to be disturbed by a strange man in a long coat talking animatedly to a skull about the decomposition rates of a human body or something, and (against his common sense) John would interrupt him because his medical facts stated are a little off and the rest would be history  (◡‿◡✿)

Cut the skin to the bone,

fall asleep all alone,

hear your voice in the dark. 


"Get yourself nearly killed once more, Sherlock, and I swear I’ll finish the job with my own two hands…"

"You say such sweet things, John. I never knew you cared~"

Commission for Alipeeps ! :)


♡♡♡ John coming off of anesthesia from a minor operation and is totally loopy and can’t remember who Sherlock is, and he just goes into full throttle Captain J. Watson flirt mode and Sherlock is blushing and stammering and could never have believed John capable of saying those things to him otherwise cause he needs to hear everything said explicitly ♡♡♡


commission of johnlock for daggerarcadia!


you could say that there was a spark


~Click for full res NSFW~

30 Day OTP Porn Challenge 20: Against the wall

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