OTP Challenge Day 8: Cosplay

The manic genius and his lionhearted soldier is a combination that doesn’t need messing with.

OTP Challenge Day 6: Clothing swap!

John, it would appear that this experiment was….

A terrible idea.

30 Day OTP Challenge- Day 5: Kissing

"i will be as much to you as i can handle
you are every single penny and a few dollars more
i’ll be true, i want you and only you
there’s nobody else that can do all the things you can do
and after all we’ve been through there is so much to do”


"Have I ever told you that you’re fantastic?"

OTP Challenge Day 4: On a Date

I think John would have the idea to take Sherlock out to lunch in the cafe at Saint Paul’s. Or maybe Sherlock would think to take John there.

Either way, lunch in a crypt would be right up their street.

Picture of the crypt from the Saint Paul’s Cathedral website.

OTP Challlenge Day 3: Gaming/Watching a movie together, AKA John and Sherlock play the Slendergame

I imagine John would feel some eerie deja vu from Baskerville.


"Turn it off, John! Turn it off turn it offTURNITOFFTURNITOFF!"