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Okay everybody, Officerbutthole here with my first giveaway in honor of my 300+ awesome followers! I got lots of random-ass stuff for ya’ll to enjoy!

#1 - Tardis Necklace

#2 - Sherlock Holmes DVD & Zombieland

#3 - Amnesia: The Dark Descent (PC)

#4 - Hetalia Manga 2 & Storyboard book *Both in Japanese*

#5 - Disney Rings and Bunny Necklace

#6 - Hello Kitty Cellphone Charms

#7 - Rainbow Dash Plushie

#8 - Two Small (Badge Sized) Avengers prints!

Three lucky people will win! I am choosing this with a generator to be fair. I’ll be putting all your username’s into it after you’ve reblogged. It will only count you once so don’t bother reblogging several times!

First Prize: Tardis Necklace, Your choice of prizes #2-4, 1 Hello Kitty Cellphone Charm, &your choice from prize #5, choice of #8.

Second Prize: Rainbow Dash Plush, Your choice of what’s left from #2-4, 1 Hello Kitty cellphone charm, your choice of what’s left from #5, what’s left of #8.

Third Prize: What’s left of #2-4, 1 Hello Kitty Charm, what’s left of #5.


- Reblog this post (Likes won’t count!)

- You must be following me to win.

- Your ask box must be open so I can inform you if you’ve won. (If it’s closed, I will choose someone else).

- No ‘giveaway blogs’ please!

- You must be willing to give me your name & address to ship to you! Doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll ship it, whoop whoop.

- Have fun!

**Ends February 1st!!!!**

u better not give away Amnesia before I can get to it

poopy doopy