”..Never mind about that. If the contaminants air-borne now, there’s hours left..”

"She humanizes him just as he time lords her. They were what the other was lacking, they are inseparable " - Russell T Davis 

“What do I do? Do I stay with him?”

(1x08 l 1x12) Parallels - Nine and Rose shutting down in reacting to each others “deaths”. 

Rose: I be tha Wack Wolf. I create mah dirty ass. I take tha lyrics, I scatter em up in time n' space fo' realz. A message ta lead mah dirty ass here.
Da Doctor: Rose, you've gotz ta quit this, muthafucka! You've gotz ta quit dis now, muthafucka! You've gotz tha entire vortex hustlin all up in yo' head. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! You're goin ta burn.
Rose: I want you safe, mah doctor. Protected from tha false god.
Dizzyk Emperor: Yo ass can not hurt mah dirty ass. I be immortal.
Rose: Yo ass is tiny. I can peep tha whole of time n' space. Every single atom of yo' existence fo' realz. And I divide them. Everythang must come ta dirtnap fo' realz. All thangs. Everythang dies. Da Time Battle ends.
Rose: I can peep everythang fo' realz. All dat is, all dat was, all dat eva could be.
Da Doctor: Thatz what tha fuck I peep fo' realz. All tha time fo' realz. And don't it drive you mad?
Rose: My fuckin head—
Da Doctor: Come here.
Rose: —is cappin' mah dirty ass.
Da Doctor: I be thinkin you need a thugged-out doctor.









# Oh my Gallifrey # The Doctor’s face # He’s seen humans before and traveled with them for years on end # But the way he looks at Rose this early in their partnership is different # It’s the gaze of a man besotted # It’s the gaze of a man who’s done things he doesn’t believe he can ever be forgiven for and yet # This gorgeous woman standing in front of him gives him hope # She’s clever and brave and she’s here with him no matter how gruff he’s been or how he’s subtly tried to push her away (via gallifreyburning)

No Doctor will ever look at Rose like that. Ever. Nine was in complete awe of that woman, completely and totally in love. That look screams of reverence, mystification, admiration, adoration and love. He’s been turned into a lovesick teenager who writes songs on loose leaf while strumming his guitar. Inside his hearts are singing out to her, aching to be in her arms.

This was truly the Doctor who fell in love. 

This was also the doctor that died for love

The only Doctor born from hatred and war

And redeemed through love

So much that the thing that he chose to die for

Was love itself.

Ten was born from love

And died half-mad.

Eleven was born half-mad

And we see where he is now.

But nine was born in fire

And love is what made him finally stop burning.



well i wanted to make a comment about how absolutely in love this doctor was with Rose but now i’m just going to sob because of my feels