Rupert Graves as Dominic in V for Vendetta


HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, Rupert Graves! (2013-06-30)








Rupert Graves in Air Force One is Down

Where did this sudden, raging boner come from.

i can’t breathe

People keep casting him as bad guys because they know we’ll forgive him for anything. He could strangle three kittens, a puppy, and slap a kid and steal his ice cream, and we’d still want him to win.

Evil is the new sexy… and the old sexy. It’s just sexy.

Not just for the Rupe, for the notes, too.

the gun to his head is possibly giving me some very terrible, awfully dirty moriarty/lestrade ideas. 

so dirrty so hot. 

it’s possible that i have about 90% more moriarty fantasies than i even cop to and they are all really filthy and now here’s one more and. bit not good. 



Sound + Fury ~ Rupert Graves as Paul Prentice, Different for Girls (1996)

#Silver Fox Saturday

Oh my god my pants have disappeared.




open the door

last one, unnnnnnnnnnnnnnf


“Rupert Graves… has five children.”

(and a lovely wife)

  • Josef
  • Ella
  • Noah (r) and Isaac (l)
  • Zoe - with Mum, Susie

Rupert Graves and his daughter at the London Media Night 2011. x

The Game is On: Some Hints at What Happened at the Q&A with Mark Gatiss and Friends


All right guys, now I’m back and I’m about to go to bed but I wanted to clarify some stuff that happened at The Criterion tonight.

Edit: added some stuff about inter-species alien girlfriends from space (from Doctor Who) that Moffat answered, added a few other things I remembered or were pointed out to me…

Also, if my account is inaccurate in any way, let me know. I was in the very back row so sometimes I couldn’t hear over the crowd’s laughter/cheering/clapping. I could see really well, though.

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this is actually all hilarious

i’m so jealous beyond words that people got to sit and see all this but at the same time I am overfilled with joy and love and so excited for sherlock to film again





Young Rupert Graves.

Young Rupert Graves - Yeah, he’s in his early twenties for most of these but in pictures 5 and 6, he’s 33 - which for anyone else would be stretching it a bit! (Picture in the attic, I’m telling you!)

Maybe “Younger Rupert Graves” would be a more accurate description? ;)

This reblog doesn’t even need a reason. 

I would like to vote that 33 can still be considered ‘young’ please, thank you.

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