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You are the best and wisest man I’ve ever met. Yes, of course I forgive you.

Actually, when you think about it (okay, when I think about it, YMMV), there was an overarching theme to the episode: what’s ‘real’ and what’s not. Every solution to how he survived was possibly real - some obviously more than others. Anderson’s fake Jack the Ripper setup. Even the narrative structure called ‘real’ into question. When they cut away at the critical moment on the carriage to Sherlock’s interview with Anderson, that’s an incredibly destabilizing moment. It - for me, anyway - called a lot of things into question, not the least of which was narrator reliability. In that sense, I feel like this scene was very much in the vein of ‘real’/’not real’ in a narrative sense; you’re given information but left to draw your own conclusions, as with every other puzzle throughout.

tl;dr: Truth vs. Fiction, in which it’s all fiction really 

Amazon Series 3 DVD Preview (x)

it couldn’t have been anyone but you. (x)


Based on a comment Sherlock made in the most recently Sherlock Series 3 trailer. Also I was talking to Dom since she brought it up on twitter.

If you haven’t seen the interactive trailer go watch it! There are circles on the screen you press to bring up exclusive clips. Sherlock talks about John’s moustache and jumping out of a cake for him. Omg.


New Sherlock footage from the BBC Christmas Showreel (X)





A season three tux, eh? No, really, we’re fine.