my body will never be adequately ready for this


In order to lull Hannibal into a false sense of security, Will’s got to play the seductor in the dynamic,” Fuller says. “It’s dangerous territory for Will because it’s not entirely clear how much of a game he is playing. He is definitely in Hannibal’s orbit and he feels that gravitational pull. But he also is trying to maintain his humanity. He doesn’t know how close he can dance to the fire before he bursts into flames.
My mom said, “Don’t do it, Pearl”. She said, “He’s the kind of boy that loses all the time, and you know what those boys grow up to be, don’t ya? Losers”.

The scene of Lester waking up in the hospital though

Fargo (1996) / Fargo (2014)

Oh my god the paint ;m;

Wow that was some smooth thinking

And fuck, I was wondering why Molly was playing second fiddle to the chief, but damn, I should have seen that coming.