there’s a pain goes on and on.




why does this not have more notes than every other post on tumblr. 

I’ve never wanted superwholock more in my life right now. 

Holy shit, this is FANTASTIC. I’ve watched it four times now I can’t get over this omfg.

oh my god i lost it at the title


As promised, here it is:

TheDetectiveandtheDoctors’ WHOLOCK GIVEAWAY! (Mostly Doctor Who, but a dash of Game of Thrones as well!) 

ONE lucky winner will receive (Brand new) :

  • One Doctor Who season of your choice! (Seasons 1-6)
  • One Sherlock season of your choice! (Both seasons)
  • A disappearing TARDIS mug, OR a TARDIS-shaped mug!
  • Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary (Featuring Eleven!)
  • Exploding TARDIS tee (Your size, whatever it is!)
  • Game of Thrones by George Martin, paperback edition! 
  • And an adorable mini TV keychain that lights up! JUST BECAUSE! 
  • Eternal friendship, if that’s okay? :3


1. You HAVE to be following me to win. Keep in mind I’ll check out EVERY SINGLE FOLLOWER’S BLOG and follow back if I enjoy their posts c:

2. Reblog as much as you want, but try not to spam your beautiful followers! <3

3. Likes don’t count, but hey, like it if you want! xD

4. I will ship anywhere in the world. Unless you’re from North Korea. 

5. IT ALL ENDS OCTOBER 1st! So hurry hurry hurry! Good luck! I love all my perfect followers and this is dedicated to their pretty faces <3 :D