To say I’m upset about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who would be an understatement - and I love drawing him. He has the most unusual and beautiful and striking face. These are some of my drawings of him as The Doctor.




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my dad was laughing so hard at this part you have no idea


I love this moment, I really do. Because Jackie- Jackie probably doesn’t really know what goes on while Rose is away, but she knows that it’s dangerous. And she knows that this man is the reason her daughter is in danger most of the time. The Doctor - by stealing Rose’s heart - has essentially stolen Rose. He can change his face and travel through time and space; but in this moment, he’s Rose’s bloke. Jackie greets him like he’s part of the family. She hugs and kisses him like she missed him almost as much as Rose. And you know what? I think The Doctor likes that. He doesn’t have a family - not anymore. So to have a place to go where he’s treated like family must feel pretty nice. 

Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, “Ooh, this could be a little more sonic”?


The Oncoming Storm

This is the greatest use of that quote ever