Sorry for the lack of WIPs on this pic.  Here are jpg’s of all the steps (with not-so-very-clear notes).

All the work was done in GIMP.

Wait what? A grayscale shade layer??? What layer option do you use though, let alone change the color successfully?


The Lip Tutorial~~~

The final part is on my Livestream the first minute is me trying to remember how to use it.

I also answered some asks:

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Trakoclock asked:

Hey, if you don’t mind sharing, I’ve always wondered how you got that soft celling look on your characters in your comic. Any tips? I’m currently working on my own comic and I kind of want to go for a less harsh form of cell shading. Thanks!

A couple people have asked about the way I color things and I’ve been meaning to post a tutorial on it :]. I’ve never been too good at describing my process, but I hope this helps!




I did some compositional how-to’s in my early weeks at Warner Bros. studios.   I thought it’d be great to post a series of these on the Tumblr’s for beginning board artists.

This is the first part - the rule of thirds.

This is how I lay out a lot of things!!

I am a dummy and this is a thing I need!

Thank you Giancarlo! This IS gangsta.
Thank you, based god for releasing it from your Chamber of Secrets.